It's the time of the year when there is a lot of light in Berlin. A few days ago I stopped to use electrical light, something I play with during summer days for a few years now. I am very thankful for electrical light during the winter months, but I feel the evening can become a real evening much easier without it. I use candles and petroleum lamps. This light is much softer and brings me in to the contemplative evening mode. I also switch of the computer and the wifi. I do not care much about what some random scientists say about light exposure etc. because I can feel very clearly the difference between the light of a candle and the electrical light and I don't need science to prove things to me that are so clear. On my website I have an article about the book "a praise of shadows", I can recommend to read this book and also to play a bit with light. People have the urge to directly switch on the light once they enter a dark room. The mild darkness of a candle light is something very beautiful and it feel like the proper transition towards a night of sleep. Blah blah. Tritratrullala.


Joseph Bartz