Double fun

Recently it was found that iPhones become slower when the battery gets old. If you are attentive, you know that bigger software updates often make the iPhone slower. You can call this planned obsolescence by software updates. Because slow old iPhones create more sales of new iPhones, than old fast iPhones.
My iPhone turned actually extremely slow and at the same time my lighting connector was broken and the cable was falling out all the time, when I was loading the phone. I chose the sustainable solution and ordered a new lighting connector and battery on the internet. Fortunately there are great tutorials how to repair your phone by-yourself and I had changed a display before, so I knew it’s not that of a deal. It took me two hours of very focused work, and of course you feel very powerful after you took your phone apart, repaired it and placed it together again. Buying new things is fun, maintaining things is fun and reasonable, that means double fun. Great. I wish everyone double fun.


Joseph Bartz