16th of June 2021

How would you choose what to eat if there were neither scientific prescriptions nor traditions? Could you use your perception to figure out what to eat and when? How much prescription do we need to choose what is good for us? To what degree can we trust our feelings?

Is trusting our perception more difficult in a world with food designed to taste better than its health benefits? We likely crave sugar because it is a precious nutrient when scarce, which it is in many environments. But nowadays, if we listen to such cravings, it can create big problems because we made an abundance of what used to be scarce. Can we trust our perception even despite this?

Our perception can provide us with immediate feedback when it comes to how we react to food. In a world without prescriptions, we use history and perception as a guide to decide what to eat. And after we have eaten, we perceive how we react to the food, which adds another experience to our food–biography, the story on how we eat, ate and will eat.

What amount of prescription do we need? When it comes to food, when it comes to life overall… Should we practice our perception?

Joseph Bartz