On mistakes

This moment when you are excited to put everything together and then… it doesn‘t fit because you drew a wrong reference line. In a dumb moment, you twisted something in your head.

I work much slower than years ago nowadays, checking more often, etc., making much less of these mistakes that come from quickness. But here it happened to me, as my excitement carried me away.

I took a few minutes to rest after, just lying on the grass. I didn‘t feel anger or anything like that. I just felt like now it‘s the moment to stop for a minute and let things happen. Then the idea came how I could change my mistake into something positive. Not just „learning from the error “ but using the pieces that don‘t fit together differently.

For me it feels like the moment I „step out the door“, mistakes are inevitably to happen. I try to learn from them and not make the „same mistake twice“. It doesn‘t always work, but it works often enough.


Joseph Bartz