Yes, so obvious, haha! You are not progressing because you are not training. But it’s news for quite a few people because they THINK they are training! Only because you do something in a place that is often used for training, like a gym doesn’t mean you are actually training!

When people start to train with us it often dawns of them that they never really trained. And that this is the reason why not much happened in the last years.

What you do needs to have a direction,
You need to focus and persist,
You need to reflect on what you are doing and adjust,
You need take apart and put together
You need to start where you are and push progress to more difficult things one step at a time.

You don’t need to train if you don’t want to obviously. But don’t fool yourself in thinking the “a bit of this and a bit of that here and there when the weather is right” is a training!

If you want to start to train,
Decide what you want to train (the goal)
Figure out what is your individual next step to get better
And make TIME for the practice.


Joseph Bartz