Contralateral one-arm scap row position

The contralateral one-arm scap row position was part of an MSS-Circuit with four exercises we did in the last group session in Berlin.

MSS = Midsection & Shoulder Strength

MSS is currently the main focus in my Friday class in Berlin. Group work with Tennis balls is the other topic that is present.

Cues for the contralateral one-arm scap row position:

Make it easier by putting the ring higher or placing your foot closer to the ring. The ipsilateral version is a progression.

The MSS work is meant to create a strong midsection and shoulder girdle as dynamic movers as well as stabilizers.

Work with 30s/s (seconds per side) Weak side first, of course.

Please no questions like "what does this exercise do?" without you having tried it. First, you need experience. Then you can ask questions.

Joseph Bartz