What is MSS?

What is MSS?

Intro note: This video is primarily aimed at coaches and trainers, as well as people who want to delve deeper into the understanding of how we structure our programs.

For some time now we use the category MSS in our training plans.

MSS stands for Midsection and Shoulder Strength. This is a subcategory of upper body strength training, which belongs to the movement part of our practice. Before we categorized Upper Body Strength into Bent Arm Strength - where you do exercises where you bend the elbows, such as in push-ups and dips - and Straight Arm Strength, where your elbows remain straight, like in the front-lever and the planche.

The term MSS came as a solution for two problems we had:

a) underrepresentation of core strength in our programs

b) the perception that isolated core strength exercises did not make sense, since the exercises are almost always connected to either shoulders or legs

MSS is about the interaction between Straight Arm Strength and Core Strength. We do not separate these areas anymore, and have stopped using Straight Arm Strength as a category in our programs. This increased the core strength training in our practice and improved our trainings.

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