Working on skills

14th of June 2021

Working on skills makes more sense than practicing an abstract like "strength" if you think about it. It puts things directly into perspective.⁠ Abstractions like strength, balance, reaction, resilience, etc., are trained through the choice of appropriate skill-pursuits. ⁠ You can work on new skills or refine and fortify old skills. ⁠ Refining and fortifying is a different mindset from just banging out reps. ⁠ You can repeat the same thing over and over, and nothing is really happening (of course, always something happens), or you can repeat things in a way that creates a change. See also my YouTube video: Tacheles - There is no repetition)⁠ That's the fundamental idea of the practice. It's about the approach.⁠ ⁠ Video of @purzelbaumphilosophie practicing eccentric Muscle-ups shows a moment from the practice days that just happened in Berlin. The next dates are in August and September 2021. ⁠

Joseph Bartz