Awareness and microvariation

One crucial idea of the Lebenspraxis is called “Microvariations”. The assumption is:

Variety is great.

It’s great because it provides a clearer “map” of the territory. If you have done more variations, you are less likely to get caught off guard. Your brain is not different from most grandparents: A bit afraid of things it doesn’t know. The more you know, the less scared you need to be of the “unknown”. Variety also helps to find your particular way of doing things. Often there is a base exercise prescribed, but the execution stated might not fit everyone. It can also keep things interesting. Your creativity is asked when searching playing with Microvariations.

This is not a movement concept. It’s a general concept that we also use in our movement training. You can do micro variations in everything. Expose yourself to little “news” and a bit of a difference to the usual through that idea.

Our SROMP (Soft Range of Motion Practice) is something where we are pretty pushy about that concept, as it increases the good stuff happening quite a bit.

The video shows a few variations of lifting the arms overhead on the sides. You could do this exercise for days coming up with new variations if you are creative.

The rule is: the essence needs to stay the same. Everything else can be changed.

So you could lift the arms overhead also sitting, or hanging upside down, or outside, or with music on, or while talking to someone or or or

Nutrition is a good place for Microvariations as well.

Or Language.

Or Playing Music.

We all accumulate our habits. We repeat the same things. Things then are done automatically. We lose awakeness.

If YOU create variety, you will be awake. There is no other way. The new can only be done by the alive. Because you keep the essence of what you want to do alive, Microvariations help you stay on your track while being different enough to keep your practice fresh and, therefore, the adaption and process active.

Stay on track with the things you are doing, but add playful variety while not deviating from the goal. If you are learning a skill, you will likely learn the skill fast and better through this.


Joseph Bartz