Be happy to say you don't know⁠


9th of December 2019

Category: Philosophy⁠

Be courageous and say "I don't know", when you don't know. Very often we are asked things that we don't know anything about. Just say that you don't know. But what people are mostly doing is talking some blah blah, telling what they think might be the case etc. This is fear. We want to show that we have a thought or answer to everything. Be courageous. Just say "I don't know" and leave it at that or investigate if you are interested. It will give you peace of mind because you realise you do not need to know everything. Practice this, in the beginning people will be shocked; they will get angry; they will get sad. And then probably they will understand and appreciate it, that you are truthful and not a liar. ⁠

Side-note: in the picture I pretend to have found a new way of shooting the bow.⁠

Joseph Bartz