Game variations

17th of April 2019

Same game three variations.

Fundamental Rule 1: throw the ball; it needs to touch the ground once before the partner is catching it.

Fundamental Rule 2a: For the duration of the set one stays the thrower and the other one the catcher. Catcher is throwing back to the thrower.

Fundamental Rule 2b: or both play both roles.

Important principle: challenge the other partner, so he or she has a training effect.

Variation 1: One thrower one catcher.

Variation 1.1: two balls.

Variation 2 (played with Fundamental Rule 2a): Two throwers two catchers. But catchers need to catch first from ThrowerA and then from ThrowerB. They are so changing quickly back and forth between the two throwers.

Variation 3 (played with Fundamental Rule 2a): in a group of 6 or more half of the people are throwers, half catchers. You can catch the ball of every thrower. Throwers can NOT pick up a ball by themselves; they can only catch balls that are in the air. Catchers need quickly retrieve lost balls that lie on the ground and throw them by to the throwers.

From Var1 to Var3 the peripheral awareness will open up more and more.

Joseph Bartz