Exuberant Throwing⁠

12th of December 2019

Category: Practice⁠

Here an example of the „Exuberance“ idea done in throwing. You throw back and forth with the partner, you improvise and go for playfulness. Don’t try to save energy, use the power that you have, be exuberant. ⁠

We built this up with catching from different starting positions like standing, sitting or lying.⁠

In this version, the ball is allowed to touch the ground once. As you see, we throw with two balls.⁠

You can use this as effective metabolic conditioning with sets of 1-3min and rest of 1-2x the work time. ⁠

More on "Exuberance" you can find in the text on the website, that I wrote some time ago.⁠

Joseph Bartz