2nd of July 2019

Abandon saying "I have a body". If you can truly abandon this, not just stopping to say it, but really abandoning this believe that you have a body, then you already went into the path of health. Because of the separation that we do in our language, and therefore also within us, we act stupidly. You exist physically. You might want to say that there are different layers that you feel are there. Physical, mental, spiritual etc. That is not a problem, because we acknowledge all these layers are happening and interconnected.⁠

If we say "I" it's a physical action. If we think "I" it's a physical action. ⁠

We are. Don't try to separate what cannot be separated. Some things feel more cognitive, some more physical, but it is always everything.⁠

Come to our school if you want to get educated on what we call "Physical & Cognitive Practices"⁠.⁠

Photo by Andy Day.

Joseph Bartz