The Dumb-phone


6th of May 2019

This is the phone I carry with me.

Some months ago I already put my computer out of my home into the office of our school. My iPhone followed soon after.

I almost exclusively use my smartphone and computer and the internet when I am in the office. I write down notes in a paper notebook; I use a map for directions, as well as my gut feeling, etc. It is enough for me to look at WhatsApp etc. for the limited amount of time I am in the office only. With this "Dumb-phone" I can only call and receive calls, I even do not get text messages.

I've written and talked about this topic several times before. It just frees up the head, because you have to take fewer decisions. If this stuff is completely out of reach, there is no sequence going on in my head like "mhm, there might be someone on WhatsApp I need to get back to... no, actually I do something else at the moment. blah blah". I also avoid taking any of these devices with me when I am traveling.

The best thing is that I don't get drawn into the self-employed sickness of working late at night on the computer to finish some e-mails or projects or whatever. Through Ephraim's circadian-rhythm-teaching I became an "early to bed, early to rise"-person anyway.

Additional note:

Joseph Bartz