Drill-bow fire


11th of June 2019

Making a drill-bow fire is always beautiful. ⠀

Do you understand that it is not just about what but also about how? The process matters! ⠀

You want to go to Paris from Berlin. You can take the plane, the train, the car, the bike, the skateboard, a horse or your feet. Every choice will create a different journey. The narrative so often today is to look for what is the best coefficient of time/cost and this is often the aeroplane.⠀

The aeroplane means traveling with the shortest possible journey. But maybe we will at some point be able to beam people somewhere? So there will be no journey at all? This is the epitome of a goal-orientated approach. Sometimes we need that, other times we choose the slower option. Both has its place, you just need to be aware that you have a choice and that it makes a difference.⠀

Joseph Bartz