Culture of intelligent practice

6th of August 2019

When Christian and I did this route we were completing it several times. Each time a bit different, improving something, trying something different. Another unknown person that also wanted to work on that route joined us at first but got confused when she realized we are doing the route several times, although we had already done it before. This happened to me many times before. Bouldering does not have a big culture of intelligent practice (although you do not have to be extraordinarily intelligent to come up with the idea of improving something through doing it again and again). Other cultures have repetition as the base of the practice like the culture of Musicians. Every culture is different. Some foster more creativity, others to let go of the ego, others to listen to yourself, others teach discipline. It is always many things happening at the same time of course. But if you spend a long time in one culture, sometimes it can be difficult to transition to another one if you have absorbed the culture code of your old culture a lot. Similar to growing up in one country and then living in a different one. If you are clinging too much to your old culture conflict will arise.⁠

Notice what are the peculiarities of a culture and then look at what you do with it. Some things are the base of that culture. Other things, like the missing repetition-practice in bouldering, are discussible.⁠

Joseph Bartz