Thoughts on coordinations

Coordination is one of the main topics of my group sessions during this summer. A few thoughts on one session:

  • After a 30min bouncing session, which is pretty much leg based, we started with more complex coordination patterns, adding the arms to the equation. For most of the group, this was not anything new, which allowed me to change the dynamic. After working on one specific arms-legs pattern where I would show and the students would follow, we created groups of 2, each couple trying to figure out the riddle. For this dynamic it is important to have a good ratio of people with experience that can support others with less or none experience.

  • When we do coordination work, I rarely explain the patterns beforehand. The exercise for the student is to observe and try over and over again. The experience is the first step. Only after this we talk. The partner work we did in the end is a way of clarifying questions and communicating strategies. It also allows the knowledge that is already in the group to be shared and appreciated. This is a good training for the trainer to let go of the oracle mindset. You shall not provide answers all the time.

  • Being frustrated is a huge part of the coordination work. It is okay to challenge the students and allow them to experience this weird brain explosion. Making mistakes signals to the brain that some adaptation is needed. That is when learning happens.

  • Written by Mariana Hilgert