Complex Conditioning

23rd of February 2021

Although I do simple conditioning exercises here and there, For myself, I like to have the conditioning integrated into more playful and complex tasks.⁠ I usually do not start people like this. Most Westerners nowadays are very weak, and they first need to do rehabilitation training with classic exercises. Classic exercises are often more effective for them (easier to quantify, more manageable for the mind of most people, more precise in communication between trainer and trainee).⁠

Next to simple push & pull exercises here and there, I do tree and rock/concrete climbing, wrestling, and carrying my children. ⁠

Note: although I sometimes do strength training phases, I am mainly doing strength maintenance for the last few years. ⁠

If you can repeat simple exercises like pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups for years without any need for more complex physical tasks that’s great! ⁠

If you feel you want to do other work, there are many options, though.⁠ In this example, I just looked for a line through this small Parkour Park. You can do the same in calisthenics parks, trees, etc. ⁠

Btw. If you want to look at better Parkour Parks than the concrete blocks seen in the video, check out the work of @_tracespace. ⁠

Thanks to Steffen, a participant of our Teacher-Course, for the excellent training session we had together!⁠ ⁠

Joseph Bartz