Bridging and Changing

26th of February 2019

Alternating spinal flexion and extension is a good choice. Similar to alternating push & pull. Here both are combined into a small sequence. Bridging is difficult for me. I practice it for many years and still, things are changing and happening which I am pleased about. For a time, bridging was the first thing I started my training with every morning. It was quite painful for me. But the moment you see that something is changing, this revelation that you can change yourself is providing a lot of drive. At first, things that come "unnatural" to us, can be mentally very hard; it takes some time until progress can be seen. I have done many of these endeavors, and it freed my mind about a lot. If you practice the things that are difficult for you, you might eventually arrive at the place where you are open to going into almost everything. Your world opens up because you realize things are not stable but changing. And you can change things.

My struggle with the bridge also helped me a lot to understand the nuances of its training and being able to help people learn to do bridges.
It still takes it's time, but the path has some clarity.

Joseph Bartz