"What the fuck?"

5th of November 2018

Bartzing around at a lake in the forest on a Saturday morning, for the daily Berlin „what the fuck“-moments of the people passing by. ⠀

It can look bizarre for other people what we are doing. We humans try to categorize everything, trying to put things into boxes to determine if something is a threat to us or not. It can be challenging to figure out for people what we are doing; this makes some people, especially older ones, afraid. If we all would do some push-ups together, no problem. But swinging the arms around and everyone doing his thing looks very strange for the people that have never seen this kind of practice. There is a vast array of implications here. Shall we only move and behave in a way that is the social norm? Therefore never expose significant parts of our practice to the public eye. Will people get afraid and walk quickly away, or will something change in the minds of the people? Our movements are not only restricted by our abilities but to a great deal by the other people surrounding us - the society. We do not move because it is not normal to move. Fit in and sit on the couch. Fit in and do push-ups. Fit in and practice without being seen.⠀

Joseph Bartz