Take adequate rest

Take adequate rest

Taking adequate rest in between sets is an essential factor for guiding the training effect.

Let’s take strength training as an example:

Your guide the training effect within the session by the number of reps and sets but also by time: Tempo of execution of an exercise, as well as rest between sets.

Most beginners do not take enough rest when they train alone.

If your reps are within the max strength range, but you only take 30 seconds rest periods after doing an intense set, you will leave the max strength area.

For most people with experience, this is intuitively clear. If you significantly lose performance from set to set, it can be caused by the following things:

Instead of tables that are also just heuristics, you can use the following guidelines to figure things out:

A) make sure the work is intense, but do not go to failure, so you can do more work.

B) A performance drop of minus one rep is only allowed in the last set of the session.

C) Choose the rest according to A and B.

Joseph Bartz