The Hydra

1. We life in a frustrating world, that we are unable to understand.
Our intellect fights with the Hydra.
We constantly lie to ourselves and others, pretending we understand anything.
Truth is a pretentious human idea.

2. After you read written words for the first time, you are haunted.
We have the tendency to mistaken the permanency of the written word for truth.
The carefully chosen words of written text dilutes us into nodding our head in appreciation.
Moses had the ten commandments written down on two tablets. Nice trick.
The impermanence of speech, the immediate disappearance of the word in the same moment you heard it, leaves the mind in a more soft, more cloudy state than the hard metal texture of the written word.
The most dangerous are the people that have read only one book. To read one book, makes an idiot. To read countless ones, can potentially end up in intelligence. A person that stopped reading after Revelation 22,21 became a prisoner.
Books are dangerous. That’s why man can never allow himself to stop reading. It is a moral imperative that after you have read one book, you have to continue reading. It is an obligation to read on views that oppose each other. The written word should not be taken for more than the spoken one. A book has no plasticity, a conversation has, the mind has. Read. But never stop.*

3. If Plato died any wiser than the workers that build his Academia, will be forever unclear.

*It needs to be mentioned as well, that there are of course those people reading tons of books, while managing to stay unchanged by what they read. Librarians you might want to call them. They become a mere catalogue of knowledge that is unescorted by any wisdom.

Joseph Bartz