The style of moving shown in this Video I have learned from Fighting Monkey.

Through movement we can express our life force. We can gain energy through using it.
Many animals can be observed moving without any practical reason. It is their exuberance that makes them move. Very likely this exuberance is the origin of dancing. Of the tribal dance around the fire. The occasion where we bring the energy inside of us to the outside.
I realised that this expression of being alive is one of the major driving forces in my practice. I like to call it exuberance, or vibrancy, because you go into a vibrating, energy laden state of the body.
From my observation dynamic movements are much more suitable than static and slow approaches when it comes to this vibrancy. Yoga and Tai Chi carry a different mood and energy and are not very suitable. The exuberance is expressed in jumping, running, falling, throwing, going up and down, going off-road, generally anything that moves the whole body in a certain unity. Also in climbing or crawling or boxing or wrestling this exuberance can be found. And of course dancing, as mentioned, is the expression of exuberance.  
Expressing exuberance through movement means to express your enjoyment of being alive, your abundance of energy, your life force. And through expressing it, all of these are also provided to you. Specific adaptions to imposed demands: If you move exuberantly, you become exuberant.

Joseph Bartz

Exuberance in Copenhagen

Taken at the 5 Day Physical and Cognitive Practices Intensives in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Joseph Bartz