The Design-Philosophy of this Website

The design of this website is a response to the evermore bloating of websites.
The idea was to create a site that is as simple as possible, while giving all the information needed.
The best speakers are the ones who can say complex things in a simple way.
As this website is an informational object, not an art project, the design has to follow functionality.
Many sites fail in these attempts.
If it takes you more than a few seconds to find a contact address, if you don’t know how to navigate, if it’s not clear where you can find the information needed for you, this means the page is badly written.
The language on our main page is supposed to be authentic, it’s not a sales-page. The vision is to help other people, to enrich life.
Not to sell.
We try to stay abstinent of the suggestive language, of the persuasion that is used by so many. We don’t want to persuade you. If you want, come, if not, don’t.
We don’t want to waste peoples time.
This websites is supposed to be as little time consuming as possible.
The role of the Internet is to share useful information and to help people communicate.
This website is made to show what we are doing and to help you communicate with us.
Nothing more.

„Simplify, Simplify“ H.D. Thoreau

Joseph Bartz