Online Support Questionnaire

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Place of Residence:

Number of Children below 16:

Occupation or current job or training you are in:

How much time do you want to devote for the practice weekly (hours):

What places do you / will you practice at (home, gym etc.):

Which equipment is available:

Please provide an overview of your physical training, or physical tasks of the last 6 months, provide numbers if possible:

Please provide an overview of your total physical training (whole life) or physical tasks with keywords (15 keywords max):

Do you have experience with Meditation?

What Workshops did you go to in the last years if any?

What interests you in particular (at the moment), what do you want to do, what excites you?

Do you have injuries? Pains? What do you think is important so you stay healthy?

Which problems do you want to solve? (immobilities, tighteness, unable to do certain things etc.)

Do you need certain things in your daily life that we can address? Maybe you have a certain sport that we may help improve through complementary exercises, or your job is demanding certain things from you.

What are you struggling with? What are the things you usually take a bit of a detour around?