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The axe at home oft saves the carpenter.
Friedrich Schiller

What we do changes and develops. What remains constant are the questions about life and the investigation of it through physical and mental practice.

My doing and thinking is focused on the good life and an interest in the world.

The philosophical contemplation and the exuberant dance provide a metaphorical description of the broadness this doing.

Here I want to create an insight into our work:


Philosophy in the literal sense, meaning the love for wisdom, is the root from which our practices arise.
Occupying ourselves with being present and in the world are our constant companions in this. Being connected to oneself and life in this world, to nature, the flora, the fauna, and other people. Awareness, becoming and being.
The truth. Freedom. Ethics. The beautiful.
The four Kantian questions.
"What can I know?"
"What ough I to do?"
"What may I hope?"
"What is the human being?"


The physical and mind practice

Our practice is in a continuous state of development and change. Statically and dogmatically doing the same thing is a foreign concept to me. Our practice should be dynamic and thus alive.
This practice consists of both the physical and the mind, the cognitive.
Learning and practicing our ability to learn is one of our ideals.
Our practice shall be of assistance to the people.

The physical

Our physical practice consists of the elements of movement practice, development of potential, including preparation of the body, athleticism and capacity, as well as bodily control and loosening.
Through the joining of these aspects, a comprehensive, universal training arises. The idea is to become physically capable and develop skills, thereby creating freedom and joy. Our physical training is the opposite of a society that has become too intellectualised and focused on consumption, in which physical training is presented in isolated and highly specified systems. Being a "jack of all trades" is the goal of our training.

The mind

The mind practice consists of different forms of thinking, such as reflection, contemplation, concentration, imagination, memory training, and attention. The mind practice contains in it the recognition of the world through observation and perception, through reflection and discussion. The practice also contains aspects of logic such as mathematics and argumentation, as well as creativity, meditation, empathy and mental control.

Being in the world

Our practices deal with existing in the world. The crucial point is the way we balance wilderness and technology, and the way we balance doing and calmness.
Who are we, what is our place, and what do we do?

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