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Introductory aphorisms that describe the philosophy of the Lebenspraxis:

If you are alive, show it.

You can do stuff for ten years and still be the same, and you can change a lot in one year.

The ax at home replaces the carpenter.

You are responsible for your life.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

What is the life practice?

The life practice is a way of doing things.

The world is alive. You are alive. You are in interaction with the world. You are changing. The world is changing.

Take charge of your life path and live a deep life. Discover the infinity in everything.

That is the practice. To get up every day and look at things with eyes wide open.

Why? Because you are not in this world to be driven through as a tourist but to act.

Get up and realize that the world is beautiful. Discover the world. Give yourself to the world and make your contribution. Take care. Take care of yourself and what surrounds you.

Take responsibility for what you do. For every step you take.

This is the life practice. bewegungsaspekte

Lebenspraxis concretely

We actively teach and live the Lebenspraxis.
The practice is categorized into different components.

Most participants start their path alongside us with the Physical practice.
We moved before we had our first thoughts. With the physical begins our practice of Doing.
Modern life in the western world is usually not very demanding of the body. We are aware that we are lacking movement in our lives. Many widespread diseases stem from this lack. Movement and Doing are essentially synonyms.
Physical education is increasingly being ceased too early. The mental side of things is heavily promoted in school, whereas the movement apparatus doesn't get challenged enough. Without strain, living beings become weak.

Our physical practice is a wide-ranging education of physical capabilities.
The movement skills are taught.
Technique is learned.
The practitioner becomes strong and mobile. Resilient and simultaneously relaxed. The foundation becomes strong.

All done with the goal in mind that the participants be prepared to assume responsibility for their physical health and capacity.
Our practice is an educational program. Not simply training.
Our goal is always that the participants will not need us anymore. That they can continue along their paths independently.

We grow to our tasks.
We adapt.

Using means keeping. And not using means losing.
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Another important category in our practice is the topic of Wilderness, or „being outside“.
There we look at the interaction with nature and the surroundings. This contains the knowledge of flora and fauna, wilderness techniques such as fire-making, and training the awareness.
It's about entering into connection with the surroundings and recognizing oneself in the world. Doing so with the help of the practice.

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The category of Crafting covers the making of objects. This is something that marks a difference between humans and all other living beings on earth. We create. Homo Faber. In this category, we work with materials like wood, fabrics, stone and clay. We reawaken the hands, because they can do more than type on computer keyboards.

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Our practice has further categories which are primarily of a mental or spiritual nature.
It is all shaped by our interaction with the Philosphy. Fundamental is the Thinking and the Knowing about the world. Training the thinking and working with the spirit is a part of our practice. Thus we practice elements such as logic, meditation techniques, contemplation, and reflection.
Knowing is fundamental to wisdom. Recognize what is in the world. How things work together and what happens. Educate yourself.
From there we get to Communication. A practice with large both physical and mental components. How do I communicate? How do I solve problems? How can we live well together?

And then we have the Moral. The question of righteous action.
And the accompanying question „what do I do next?“

These are the foundations of the Lebenspraxis.

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Translation: Oskar Henke


Photos: Andy Day