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Online Coaching

Our time tested online coaching is there to help you where you are and help you get to another point. We help you become more physically proficient, support you in healing injuries, set impulses, challenge you cognitively, and help you facilitate relaxation and increase/manage energy. We support you on many levels. Please write to us to discuss details and goals and to do an initial assessment.

If possible, we urge people also to see us in person, but we understand and know that this is not possible for everyone.
It might be ideal to work with the teacher face-to-face. Because feedback is more immediate, the input can be given at the moment.
However, this is not possible for most people. The teacher might be far away. The student might run on a different schedule than the teacher. And some people might prefer to work mainly by themselves for various reasons.

That is when our online coaching is the solution. Since 2014 we coach people from all over the world online. Throughout the years, we've seen extraordinary results regularly happening with our participants. People are becoming more healthy, changing their physicality and diving into new parts of their being, and learning physical and mental skills that are seen as extraordinary or uncommon nowadays. We are working on our teaching every day and continuously improve our online coaching.

To start your Online Coaching contact us at:

You have two options:

About the regular Online Coaching

The online coaching is an educational program that is open for everyone. It is mainly focused on the physical aspects of our practice, with materials including SROMP (Soft Range Of Motion Practice), mobility, strength, coordination, balance, floor movements, handstand, and much more. The exact materials used will depend on the needs of the trainee (more about this below). Outside of these physical elements, those interested can also choose to dive into some of our other practices, including cognitive practices, wilderness training, reading assignments, philosophical work, and more.

Our online coaching is not a standardized program. It starts at the point you are at, taking into account who you are and what your current level is, and guides you towards where you want to go. You will not have to go through months of regressions if you don't need them. Many professionals in various fields use our online coaching. You can read some testimonials at the bottom of the page, but here are a few things that we often get told about our online offer in comparison to other online coaching:
- More personal
- Less militant
- More complete
- More adaptable
- More diverse

Our students are important to us. We devote time and energy to you. We care.

Cycle-oriented training
We want to support our female participants and are currently in the development phase of cycle-oriented training programmes. This means that Mariana will work with you to adapt your training to the specific characteristics of each phase of your menstrual cycle.
If you sign up for our online coaching and are interested in the cycle-oriented programme, write to us at

Time Investment
Time is one of the most valuable things we have. And only you can decide how much time you want to devote to the practice. Your available time might change through the practice, so we will adjust the training plan accordingly. So: You have to tell us how much time per week/day you want to devote to the training.
I know it is not always easy to figure this out. Notice: Less is more if it makes you keep practicing, be realistic! Shorter time frames can also be discussed.

We offer two options:

1) Online Coaching Light.
For people that want to devote up to 6h per week to the training. This includes 1 Meetings per Plan of up to 60min in length per meeting.

2) Online Coaching Premium.
For people that want to devote from 7h-40h per week to the training. The Online Coaching Premium includes 2 Meetings per Plan of up to 60 minutes in length per meeting.

If you are a professional, you can only choose the Online Coaching Premium, although you can devote less time to the training.

Professionals or people that want to start teaching can get additional coaching on how to teach and we support them with all their questions regarding instruction in the Online Coaching Premium.


3 plans
1 x 60 min meeting per plan**
6h/week training time
3 plans
2 x 60 min meeting per plan**
You can choose how many hours you want to train

*Trial month possible (price divided by 3)

**Either meeting of 60 min or Open Door Meeting


10 plans
1 x 60 min meeting per plan**
6h/week training time
10 plans
2 x 60 min meeting per plan**
You can choose how many hours you want to train per week

*Trial month possible (price divided by 10)

**Either meeting of 60 min or Open Door Meeting

Meetings are done via the software "Zoom ".
In the meeting, we will look at the video material you've sent to us from your training together and provide you with detailed feedback and adjustments. You can also join our Open Door Meetings. Here we meet with our students, watch videos together and learn from each other.

Choosing your direction
Based on what you tell us about your previous experience and interests, we will create an individualized plan for you.
For this you can use our QUESTIONAIRE and sent us the answers via E-Mail to

Additional Details
You are invited to send us questions and ask for help at any time. We try to get back to you as fast as we can. But we are also clear here: You sometimes have to wait a moment for an answer, as we set specific times for us when we answer e-mails. Working focused and undistracted is one thing we teach and we are practicing it ourselves.

For the physical part of the practice, you will need to film yourself to allow us to provide proper feedback, so you need some smartphone or video camera and a cutting software on your phone or computer.

The Teachers
Joseph, Christian and Mariana guide the Online Coaching together. Please check our page on the Team.


If you want to discuss matters that do not necessarily require the creation of a plan or that do not necessarily need continuous feedback after, you can inquire for a consultation that would usually be done by video call or if that is not possible via email or traditional call. Write us an email with your problem or matter and we let you know how we can help you.

120€ per hour. Chunks of 20minutes are charged (40€ per chunk).


The online support is very individual and adapts well to the different circumstances. The personal exchange helps me a lot to better reflect my training. In addition, it gives me a clear direction and has a big impact on my performance and well-being. Thank you, Joseph!
Max P.

Attending the Basic Intensive changed my whole perception about movement and training. As it was only a short glimpse, I was eager to learn more. Unfortunately, Berlin is quite a bit from my hometown. So, I was more than happy that Joseph offered the possibility of online support.
And it came very close to real life contact: there are not only tons of videos with detailed instructions, you also get valuable feedback. Joseph and Annika are very seriously with taking their time to review what one is doing (usually you film what you are currently working on and send it to Joseph).
For me the online support came especially handy as I was facing special circumstances: As I became pregnant, I was overwhelmed what I could still do. Joseph and especially Annika helped me a lot by tailoring training plans that considered my condition.
Pregnancy and birth turned out to be very uncomplicated. In my opinion, being active and having someone guide you through that phase of special needs played a big contributing factor to that.
To sum it up: the Online Support was a very valuable investment! 
Kathrin S.

»I’ve been doing Joseph’s Online Support for several years now and I’m way more flexible, have more organic strength, have better balance and much better movement intelligence now at 50 than at, say: 35. Joseph’s cues are very precise and even target often forgotten elements as expression and grace.«
Ivo E.

About the effects of the Online Support with Joseph: 
What did I learn? Basically I learned how to train properly. Not just do something and pray for results. I learned how to train according to a process looking beyond a single session. Besides that I understood. Basic things got clear to me - some of which I haven't thought about before. I'm very excited to see what will still happen in the future with the structure and methods given to me. Thanks Joseph. 
Philip S.

Even though it has just been a few weeks since I started the Studentship and Online Support with Joseph I already can feel and see profound bodily changes and development in movement quality.
I appreciate a lot that the provided practice, training and plan is directed at my own needs and standing. There it is really helpful to receive constant feedback through the weekly online support meetings. Also it is great to be challenged mentally by reading and discussing literature in relation to the practice together, overall I perceive the communication as uncomplicated, easy and direct. In general I value his style of teaching and the whole approach appears just as very human to me.
Felix A.

The online Support with Joseph changed my life. It changed the way I trained, the way I looked at training and movement.
Clear and structured plans, good and very helpful videos, very nice feedback.
Looking back over all the videos I recorded for the online support the changes in how I move and my „results“ / „progress“ are very impressing for me.
For me, living very far from Berlin, discovering the online Support from Joseph is a jewel.
Bodo W.

Sometimes in life you meet people that have the potential to facilitate dramatic changes in you. 
Joseph is one of these individuals if you take the time and invest yourself.
Isak A.

With the help of Joseph´s Online Support I am the most flexible, strong, coordinated and healthiest person that i have ever been. And I say this at age 35 and training all my life at different modalities! Thanks Joseph for all your support!
Tom M.

If our public school system was lead by the principles of the School of Joseph Bartz and Company we had the chance to become innovative and independent bodies, intelligent in our collective behaviour towards the planet in the current century.
The online support included as many movement options and approaches as social gatherings with inspiring, free people in nature and city. It became an „ Individual One Year Guidance Map“ created by Mr Bartz to discover a wide and differentiated training approach towards work capacity, applicable strength to our surroundings and unconventional meditations and breathing awareness.
The program pushed my personal understanding of nature and connected to the unique workshops became an open door to a social network of brave and intelligent young people.“
Sarah M.