The Reaching Workshop

The "Reaching Workshop" is a learning experience where you get to know the powerful concept of reaching a point in space.

The "Reaching Workshop" is an Online Program that consists of 4+ hours of footage and over 30 exercises. By buying it you obtain unlimited and lifelong access to it. You will receive a link to stream the video. You can also download the video and save it in your computer.

1/ Solve the riddles

The principle of reaching is simple: someone shows you a point in space, and you have to reach it. Now your task will be to find solutions to the various scenarios we propose. We work with dozens of different constraints to create hundreds of movement situations. How do I bring my shoulder to a point on the floor? How do I get my head to a point behind me? The scenarios range from very basic to more complex, inviting you to find your ways of solving the riddles.

2/ Move with freedom

Through exploring limitations, we want to develop accuracy and enlarge our movement vocabulary. Can you touch the point without moving the feet? Can you touch the knee? Can you look to the side while doing that? The outcome of this is more freedom of movement and a wider range of possibilities to choose from.

3/ Become creative

We will introduce you to over 30 examples you can play with. Still, this is just a tiny fraction of what is possible. Reaching is creativity training. Once you understand the concept, we encourage you to create your own.

4/ Play together

This workshop has to be done with a partner. Every session that we taught this principle was full of laughter. Used in groups, it's a great community builder. Besides, working with another person also creates an environment of unpredictable and always-changing situations that will truly challenge you.

5/ Learn through action

This workshop is about actually practicing and experiencing. You train with us together. We explain the exercises, give a few examples, and then we do a couple of sets. You choose if you do the whole workshop in one go or separated into several sessions.

6/ Use it

We want to share this work with you because many of the trainers and therapists who work with us told us how much they love and appreciate this concept. Trainers use this with everyone ranging from people in their 80s to high-level athletes. Physiotherapists use this work to rehabilitate their clients and help them regain their movement abilities. This work is fun, but it is also producing serious results. And the only limitation is your creativity in how to apply it.

We invite you to join us in "The Reaching Workshop".

Joseph and Mariana

Price: 90€

Reaching in the Squat

Foto: Andy Day