Joseph Bartz

Online Classes

Our online classes are open to everyone.

Participation is possible without great technical knowledge and without training experience.

More difficult classes are specifically noted.

Our online classes are directed towards people aiming to compensate for an everyday life lacking in movement.
If you work at a computer or in an office, or perform monotonous movements in your work, our classes are a good fit for you. This category includes most people these days.
Our open classes are mainly a mix of SROMP (Soft Range of Motion Practice), LBM (Lower Body Mobility), UBM (Upper Body Mobility), light strength training, and softening.
No equipment is needed, and the classes require very little space.

Below on this page you can register for the classes.

The fee needs to reach us before the start of the class.

Payment options are bank transfers (immediate transfers for short notice registrations) and PayPal.
The payment details will be automatically emailed to you once you register.

You will receive the link to the livestream one hour before the class starts. The classes take place over Zoom. An application similar to skype, that is very easy and quick to set up.
You will be able to set it up through the link we are sending to you.

It is possible to ask questions during the class.

The class is a follow-along.
The teacher shows the movements and explains them, while the participants perform them at the same time.
Only the teacher will broadcast video.
Participants cannot broadcast video.
Participants can ask questions in writing or via the microphone.

The next dates:
Thursday 14. May 2020 14:00 (CET) 60min. Teacher: Joseph. Fee: 12€
Thursday 28. May 2020 14:00 (CET) 60min. Teacher: Joseph. Fee: 12€

Note: We teach another weekly class on Monday 12:00 CET and Wednesday 18:00 CET in German.

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