Communication and Movement - Workshop June 2023

6-day Workshop "Communication & Movement" June 2023
6th June to 11th June
Start: Tuesday 10AM
End: Sunday 3PM
Prices: 750€/500€

For this intensive, the reduced price applies to all who are active participants of our coaching. In this case please write us to

This workshop has two main topics: Communication and Movement.


In the "Movement" part, Joseph teaches principles, ideas and methods of movement with one person or in group, exploring cooperation and "friendly" competition.
Contents are:


The Communication taught in the workshop consists of two parts:

Non-Violent Communication Logical Argumentation

Joseph will teach the basics of logical argumentation and do practice sessions with the participants to train the ability to discuss and argue properly.


Joseph Bartz
Movement, Logical Argumentation

Laura Sol
Non-Violent Communication

Laura Sol is an Artist, Designer, Communicator and Mover. She has explored various endeavours of movement like dancing, contact improv, and general physical preparation.
Laura is trained in the Art of Non-Violent Communication.

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Foto: Andy Day