Practice Days - Workshop November 2022 in Bielefeld

"Practice Days" in November 2022 in Bielefeld
5th to 6th November
Start: Saturday 08:00am
End: Sunday 03:00pm
Location: Movement Bielefeld
Prices: 250€/200€

The reduced price is for members of "Movement Bielefeld".In this case please write directly to

Practice Days

The practice days are a mix of learning and practicing material. It is not just about getting information but about gaining experience in the various field of our practice.

The topics of the learning days will not be published before, on the one hand, because they depend on the participants and, on the other hand, because more advanced participants should not rely anymore on knowing the topics beforehand. So be ready for whatever may happen.

I repeat: I am not telling you what is happening during the days before. If your mind is not open and just interested in certain things, this is not for you.

Come open-minded, and things will happen.

Foto: Andy Day