"Floorwork" - Workshop May 2022 in Bielefeld

2-day "Floorwork" Workshop in May 2022 in Bielefeld
21st to 22nd May
Start: Saturday 10:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Location: Movement Bielefeld
Prices: 250€/200€

The reduced price is for members of "Movement Bielefeld". In this case please write directly to anmeldung@josephbartz.de.

This workshop is about developing freedom of movement in situations close to the floor. Joseph divides floorwork into three planes: the quadrupedal plane (on all fours), the sitting plane, and the lying plane.

Each plane represents its own movement worlds which affect our physis in different ways. We progress from individual movements to sequences of movements and then to free movement on the floor. Thus the focus is on developing the movement repertoire and movement understanding in order to allow for moving freely.

Floorwork creates strength, relaxation, balance and mobility. It can be an important part of a wide-ranging movement training. In our culture, movement close to the floor is very poorly developed. Many people have problems even getting down to the floor. The freedom of movement at the floor level, however, provides quality of life.

The workshop contains:
- Movement repertoire in the three aforementioned planes
- Strength, balance, softness and mobility
- Movement principles
- Combining and linking movements together
- Creating sequences and flows
- Going into improvisation and freedom

In this workshop, we introduce the participant into a world with thousands of movements and innumerable possibilities.

Movement Bielefeld
August-Bebel-Str. 183
33602 Bielefeld