"Movement Explorations" May 2021 in Luzern

2 Day Workshop "Movement Explorations" in May 2021 in Luzern
29th to 30th of May
Start: Saturday 10:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Location: Dammstrasse 14, 6003 Luzern
Prices: 350€/300€

In this workshop we will focus on four topics: Strength, mobility, handstands and floorwork. These are topics that will help us develop freedom of movement, which is larger than the separate parts. To gain freedom, sometimes we need to zoom in on things and work on them in isolation.

About the topics:

Our strength training is aimed at creating useful strength, helping us to stay healthy and adaptable. Our strength training grants clear progressions and teaches methods of further development. We will look at exercises for the upper body, core, and lower body, which creates a strong base for further development into more complex exercises. The strength training we teach in this workshop is precisely structured and conveys principles that are also useful in more advanced training. Being strong in various situations will allow us further freedom by making the previously impossible possible.

Mobility is often used as a synonym for freedom of movement. It encompasses several aspects. Having excellent mobility doesn't merely mean to be well stretched, but to possess the coordination, strength and understanding to go into positions and to move further from them. The mobility training in this workshop revolves around the teaching of different methods of developing mobility, including various ways of stretching and training the interplay between tension and relaxation.

It might be possible to learn the handstand by simply kicking up and trying over and over until you can hold it, but most people will not be able learn it this way. Without a clear method, it becomes a game of chance with the odds stacked against you. Even if you should learn it this way, that will also deprive you of an immense opportunity to learn more about learning. Focused, systematic work on the handstand will bring you insights into your practice and how your body and mind learn new skills. It will teach you about the mechanics of balance, of tension and relaxation, of overcoming frustration. Handstands are a form of meditation. If you start thinking of something else, you will fall. Through learning the handstand, you will become aware of how stillness and movement are interchangeable. Training the handstand is about more than merely learning the handstand.

In the floorwork section, we work on developing freedom of movement in situations close to the floor. In our culture, movement close to the floor is poorly developed, but even merely moving to the floor and back up in different ways improves coordination, strength, and mobility. We divide the floorwork into three planes: the quadrupedal plane (on all fours), the sitting plane, and the lying plane. In the floorwork part of the workshop, we will start with individual movements, progressing into sequences of movements and ultimately to free movement close to the floor. By practicing and building a movement repertoire, we gain more options, and thus, freedom.

These topics in isolation grant us new possibilities. Putting them together grants us infinite possibilities. Being able to use these elements in various combinations brings us closer to our overarching goal: freedom of movement to as high a degree as possible.

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