Dancing/Fighting/Locomotion/Crafting - Workshop July 2020

6 Day Workshop "Dancing/Fighting/Locomotion/Crafting" in July 2020
21st to 26th of July
Start: Tuesday 10:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Prices: 700€/550€


The workshop Dancing, Fighting, Locomotion, Crafting (DFLC) teaches the diversity of our movement practice. DFLC gets us to the specific, the applicable, the truth. In this workshop we practice consistently in different movement disciplines and work specifically on skills. Thus the DFLC represents the hierarchically highest part of our physical practice: the movement practice.
DFLC stands for the original aspects of human movement. Questions that we have always been asked from the world.
DFLC means being in this world.

The workshop is open for all levels and the level will be adjusted to the individuals.

Watch our introductory video on the structure of our physical practice to get to know more:
Overview Physical Practice


The DFLC is taught by three different teachers, all specialists in their field:

Joseph Bartz
Moving through our environment with techniques of jumping, climbing, balancing and vaulting will be the core of this aspect. Making the world your own again, developing other eyes, that is the goal of this practice.

Simon Pouly
Carving spoons out of wood, will characterize the crafting this year.
Simon already loved to craft back in New Zealand as a child.
Through the years, he developed into a passionate and wood and bone carver specialized in making spoons.
Simon is a very experienced teacher of movement and has earned a black belt in BJJ.
Joseph and Simon are, above all, united by their many years of trusting collaboration.

Mariana Hilgert
Mariana is an enthusiastic and energetic dancer. Her background as a performer and teacher includes mainly urban dances (including hip hop, house, dancehall), traditional African dances from Guiné and Afro-Brazilian dances. Mariana wrote her doctoral thesis on the subject of dancing in public space and for 2 years has been leading the project The Raaah!, focusing on the creative aspects of movement.

In this workshop we will focus on 3 topics: groove, expression and roda.

Groove stands for the aspect of rhythm in dance. Some impulses: moving with music; using the music as a trigger for expression in movement; repetition of movement patterns.

Expression stands for the perception of the body in relation - to the space, to others, to an inner motivation. This term is related to other terms like presence, energy, charisma. Some impulses: what do I do with my face when I dance; expressing isolated body parts; working with walking and standing variations to create certain states/perceptions; using imagination as impulse for moving and for creating form.

Roda is Portuguese for circle and stands for a form of collective dance that translates the communal role of dancing. Some impulses: dancing together in a group; dancing in front of others; creating a space for others to move; how do I enter the roda, how do I invite people into the roda.

These themes will be presented through various materials that focus not only on the movement aspect of dance, but also on the joy, lightness and power of community in dance.

Stefan "Stev" Müller
Stev is head of the martial arts school "Wudang Deutschland", school for Chinese martial arts. What is special about Wudang's approach is the combination of tradition and contemporary knowledge and practices. For years now I have a deep connection to this special school, whose teachers are always philosophers, not only fighters. Stev will teach the different aspects of wrestling in this workshop, from Tai-Chi push hands to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We use a methodology that offers a clear and safe introduction. It is important to me that fighting is taught in a way that picks everyone up at their level of experience, creating a calm atmosphere. Stev is an extraordinary teacher who manages to teach fighting in this particular way.

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