Handstand - Workshop September 2020

1 Day Workshop "Handstand" in September 2020
26th of September
Start: Saturday 11:00am
End: Saturday 06:00pm
Location: Sportetage Süd Leipzig
Prices: 150€/125€

It might be possible to learn the handstand by simply kicking up and trying over and over again. Most people will however not learn it this way. And even they do, they're missing out on a lot of useful insights. Insights into both the workings of their bodies and the process of learning.

Learning the handstand with a precise method is the more reliable option. With a clear plan, the element of chance is taken out. Anyone can learn the handstand this way. In this workshop, we will teach a tested and reliable method to achieve the handstand without any prerequisites.

Elements of the workshop are:

A bit more about the individual elements:

We will also discuss how to train the handstand, including suggestions for programming and exercise selection. The workshop will pave the way and show the process towards holding a freestanding handstand for 60 seconds.

Apart from this, we will also look at the cognitive aspects of hand-balancing, including what learning the handstand can teach about learning, and how handstand training can be used as a form of meditation.

After the workshop, the participant will be provided with training plans, including demonstrational videos, that will allow for successful further practice of the handstand.

Joseph doing a handstand

Foto: Andy Day

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