Parkour & Bouldering - Workshop July 2020

3 Day Workshop "Parkour & Bouldering" in July 2020
17th to 19th of July
Start: Friday 10:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Prices: 400€/300€

Bouldering & Parkour

In this workshop we go into bouldering (climbing up to maximum 4 meters height) and parkour (the idea of efficiently overcoming obstacles. While we practice climbing inside in a climbing gym, the parkour portion of the workshop takes place outside. The seminar is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

We explore how we can move on the climbing wall, what the principles of efficient movement are, how to practice climbing effectively and how to climb in a process oriented rather than results oriented way. In the parkour part, we explore how to practice in a way which allows for long term practice, personal responsibility and freedom from injury. We explore how to begin the practice sensibly and which support exercises have proven themselves useful.


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