Certification "Trainer for the Basics of Movement"

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Für Deutschsprachige: Wir haben einen weiteren Starttermin in deutscher Sprache, siehe hier: Certification auf Deutsch

Foto: Andy Day

Understand Movement!

align-left Created with Sketch Beta. The Movement Trainer Certification by Joseph Bartz will give you everything you need to understand movement from a holistic perspective and start teaching.

Our 12-months certification program is THE go-to in Germany to dive deeply into human movement.

align-left Created with Sketch Beta. Do you know why Joseph created this course? Because people are losing years trying to figure things out by themselves!

This course is a deep dive and short-cut at the same time.

align-left Created with Sketch Beta. Cut through all the information overload and discover effective teaching and learning in our certification course that will finally bring you where you want to be with your abilities, knowledge, and experiences.

What this Certification consists of

12-months of learning
From August 2023 to July 2024.

18 workshop days
4 live seminars in Berlin, Germany (see dates below)

Online Coaching directly with Joseph and team
We meet regularly online for individual feedback, Q&A and coaching (around 30 one hour meetings in 12 months).

Individualised training plan
Several tailor made plans for you.

You will receive a booklet cosisting of hundreds of pages that will act as a guide for many years after the certification.

Access to our Forum and Community
Once you register, you can join our Forum and connect to fellow students and enthusiasts.

Upon completion of the program, you will be receiving the Certificate "Trainer for the Basics of Movement".




Workshop Days



"I say it simply and honestly. The training to become a trainer of the fundamentals of movement is one of the best and most intensive trainings I have enjoyed in my life.(...) The processes that Joseph and his team have worked out here over the years work. This is proven again and again. It is wonderful to be able to apply them myself. With myself and with others."

Simon Maurer, Psychologist, Movement Trainer

After completing this Certification, you will:

  • Be more physically capable and fit (most likely your most capable ever)
  • Have connections to fellow trainers
  • Have an extended understanding of how to teach and train movement
  • Know the training processes of strength, mobility, coordination, balance, etc.
  • Be ready to teach the material 1o1 or in a group setting.
  • Be able to support people in getting rid of aches and pains.

Upon successful participation in all seminars and diligent execution of the training, the participant will receive the certificate “Trainer for the Basics of Movement”.

This course comes with a lot of personal contact with us. We invite you to keep training with us after this course and develop a longer learning relationship.
We are here for you to support you on your path.

What you will learn

During the certification you will dive deep into our training and teaching methods. In the course we will cover:

  • SROMP (Soft Range of Motion Practice)
  • Mobility and Stretching
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Movement Flows
  • Balance
  • Conditioning
  • Rehabilitation

Besides, you will also get relevant soft and hard skills on how to teach and train, such as:

  • How to programm an exercise plan for your clients
  • Presentation skills
  • Empathic listening
  • Marketing strategies to start working as a coach
  • The philosophy of our approach and how movement fits into the bigger picture of the Lebenspraxis
  • Practical movement skills from our DFLC (Dancing, Fighting, Locomotion, Crafting) approach

"What particularly impressed and inspired me was the manner in which the information was shared. Every question that arose in the group was answered absolutely transparently and completely. It is noticeable that there is a great interest on the part of Bartz in being able to offer the highest possible quality in training. To achieve this, they occasionally go the famous extra mile"

Felix Kaul, Psychomotor Educator, Movement Trainer

Who this course is for

Our course "Trainer for the Basics of Movement" is aimed at those who are active in the fields of movement, sports and prevention.

Fitness- or personal trainers, yoga teachers, course leaders, professional dancers, movement- and physiotherapists, as well as medical doctors are just some of our students.

This course is suitable for professionals and people seeking to change professions. It is also possible to take this course just for yourself, if you are interested to dive deep into a movement practice.

You do not need a formal professional education to participate.


This course is taught in English.

Für Deutschsprachige: Wir haben einen weiteren Starttermin in deutscher Sprache, siehe hier: Certification auf Deutsch

What we expect from you

At least 3 hours of weekly learning/practice time.
You can spend much more time learning with us weekly if you want. We will support and individualise your practice according to the amount of time you want to spend per week, does not matter if 3h, 20h or anything in between.

Realisation that this is a teacher-trainer program.
We will support you in your own training and journey but please notice our focus is to teach you how to set up a practice for beginners and people below your skill level.


The Movement Trainer Certification costs

80€ per week

which amounts to 67.23€ net, for a duration of 52 weeks. In total, this comes to 4160€, or 3495.80€ net.

If you choose to make a single payment up to 4 weeks prior to the Certification's start, we offer a 13% discount. This reduces the total cost to 3600€, or 3025.21€ net, allowing you to

save 560€.

If you have further questions, look into the FAQ below or schedule a call with us. We are here to talk with you before your journey with us starts.

Arrange a free call

Join us!

Next start is in August. We kick-off with a Zoom call on

12th August 2023

4pm to 6pm (Central European Time - CET).

Workshop dates (in Berlin):
14th to 17th September 2023
18th to 21st January 2024
18th to 21st April 2024
17th to 22nd June 2024

"My head is making funny circles, my hands are learning to reach out, my feet are learning to jump off and balance. I am discovering possibilities that I had never seen or had long forgotten or had written off for myself. I learn rules and how to break them, which also sets thoughts in motion, small and big questions and ideas. This training makes strong, soft, attentive, courageous, thoughtful; alive."

Mareike Thies, Yoga Teacher, Movement Trainer


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do I need a certain fitness or experience level to join the course?

No. We expect commitment to learn, not a certain skill level or former experiences.

If you have done Online Coaching with us or attended a Workshop before, it’s great, though!

What happens if I cannot join one of the workshops?

You can do it again in the next round.

I train in other things as well. Can I keep practicing them if I do the course?

Yes, if your time management allows that, of course.

Where do the workshops take place?

In Berlin, Germany.

Do I have to organize food and accommodation by myself?

Yes. We can help you with suggestions for where to stay.

What is the difference between your methods and Ido Portal?

Joseph spent a few thousand hours with Ido, and there are many similarities. Joseph has optimized many of the processes for his work, added approaches and material, and is looking at things more holistically through his Lebenspraxis approach.

Where did Joseph learn?

From Masters of their craft like Ido Portal, Martin Kilvady (dance), and Fighting Monkey, plus a lot of self-practice and research.
Many people that have been learning traditionally (sport-science, physiotherapy, etc.) are coming to us because of our fresh and not-seen-anywhere-else approaches.
We provide what the traditional state-learning system cannot offer. And several people have even stopped studying sport-science to learn a more hands-on approach from us.

Do I receive video material between the workshops?

With every new plan, you receive video material from us.
Also, you are receiving all the processes you need, written out and as videos.

I would like to get on a payment plan longer than 12 Months so it’s easier for me to pay. Is that possible?

Yes, speak with us via e-mail at kontakt@josephbartz.de.

Photos by: Annika Dörr, Andy Day.