Online Coaching

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Unlock unparalleled health and fitness with our guidance – like you've never experienced before. All you need for our coaching is a phone or computer to stay connected with us.

Forget the costly equipment or gym memberships; your commitment is all that's necessary.

We'll align with your ambitions, propelling you forward to the next chapter of your journey.

We provide time-effective workouts and make it clear and easy for you what to do.

Feeling short on time and overwhelmed about where to begin? We'll shed light on what you need to do and save you a tremendous amount of time along the way.

You want to dive deep into the practice and finally REALLY understand it? We're here to provide that profound understanding.

Our tailored coaching meets you exactly where you stand, ensuring a personalized experience.

Curious to know more? Schedule a free consultation call with us to determine if our coaching aligns with your aspirations.

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"The thoroughness and thoughtfulness with which Joseph always teaches me to train at the exact point where improvement is possible for me is essential and invaluable."

Karla, participant who came to us with years of discomfort


Always available for you via messenger and phone

Continue to evolve.

For years.

Coaching perfectly tailored to you

Through our coaching, you'll experience growth over years, yet you'll begin to see profound changes in just a few weeks.

Many come to us seeking relief from pain. We're committed to helping you lead a pain-free life. Time and again, we've addressed and healed injuries and discomfort that the regular healthcare system might have dismissed as something to "just live with".

In our approach, we ensure we never push you too hard. Instead, we aim to provide just the right balance of support and challenge that you require to grow.

Our methodology is effective and its impact is swift. Within mere weeks, you'll feel transformed and observe tangible shifts in your life.

We embody our teachings and invite you to benefit from our years of experience, shared with students globally.


We support you in these six topics:









For whom is our coaching?

Our coaching caters to a broad spectrum of individuals. From the hardworking professionals juggling a 50-hour workweek while nurturing their young families, to those who wish to fully immerse themselves in practice, training several hours daily.

We offer tailored online coaching to meet the unique needs of every participant.

If you're eager to embrace our life practices and pursue a healthier lifestyle, our doors are open. We welcome all who are driven by the desire to grow.

What do I get?

We are always there for you through our Messenger Support.

You will receive personalized tasks and exercises. We provide feedback on your reports and videos, guide you through the next steps, and tailor everything to your needs.

Regular phone calls are included in the online coaching.

What do I need?

There's no specific equipment you need, other than a phone for communicating with us.


What's the Investment?

Our coaching is set at a value of

80 € per week

Here's our assurance: If, after 4 weeks, you feel our coaching hasn't brought value to your life, we'll refund every cent of those 4 weeks. We're dedicated to fostering impactful transformations, and if you don't see significant changes, it's on us. That's our promise to you.

Note: We cherish the long game and love guiding students over extended periods. For those committed to long-term growth, we frequently offer discounts.

To learn more, you can schedule a free phone consultation with us to determine if our coaching is right for you.

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Become Pain-Free

Discover an Effective Practice

Learn What You'd Never Discover Alone

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Additionally, our YouTube channel offers a wealth of information and inspiration.

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Photos by: Annika Dörr, Andy Day.