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What we offer:

Group Training:
Our group training for Berliners.
Intense days of training for guests.
Private lessons for Berliners and guests.

The Contents of our Teaching:

The Idea:

We practice movement. We train movements.
We practice fundamental movement patterns. We train our complexity of movement. We approach things holistically. A wide practice. We learn new things every day.
We explore being in this world.


Movement-Terminology and Coordinations
Basic control of the body and coordination. Understanding movement possibilities. Learning fundamentals of human movement.
Preserving and training the ability to learn through constantly confronting ourselves with new patterns and situations.
Practicing your ability to be re- and pro-active in chaotic games.
Becoming more mobile through stretching while simultaneously strengthening the joints. Mobility with control. Injury prevention and freedom.
Acquiring movement freedom through diverse forms of strength training. Training with different tools such as gymnastic rings, bars, walls, working with your own bodyweight or external weight. Useful strength.
Balancing on the hands and the feet. Working with gravity.
Keeping on going.
Developing responsibility, empathy and adaptability through working with partners.
Moving the body as a means in and of itself.
Navigating through ones environment. Jumping, climbing, balancing.
Working with and manipulating objects. Lifting, throwing, juggling.
Improvisation / Open Form
Exploring freedom.

A few more words

The axe at home oft saves the carpenter.
Friedrich Schiller

We live in a time where being an adult often means to abandon your body. We live in a culture that values knowledge work much higher than work with the hands. And so we stop caring about our bodies and, as a consequence, not only will we be less athletic when we grow old, but our movements will be less intelligent. Like a carpenter that suddenly forgets how to use a hammer. Missing the nails. To form a holistic approach to exercise movement intelligence, we need a training that is rich in diversity and variation, in movement styles, patterns and skills. The unfolding of your own movement abilities and -intelligence is a lengthy process. Our teaching aims for long lasting changes instead of short-term results. Our ideal is to teach people how to fish instead of providing them with fish.

To train movement intelligence we practice an uncountable amount of situations, skills and ideas.
To be someone that can move. The vague idea that is guiding our training.


  • Ido Portal, Uwe Belz.
  • ____________________
  • Martin Kilvady, Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Shai Faran, Odelia Goldschmidt
  • Albert Camus, Hermann Hesse, Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
  • The Woods. The Street.
  • The Unnamed.
Joseph teaching the QDR as part of the Ido Portal Method in Berlin

Foto: Milos Djuric