30 Day Intensive May/June 2019

30 Day Intensive in May/June
22nd of May to 20th of June
Start: Wednesday 10:00am
End: Thursday 05:00pm
Prices: 2000€/1350€
Returners price is also applicable for everyone under the age of 22 in this Intensive

The 30 Day Intensive in May/June 2019 will allow the student to fully immerse themselves in learning for 30 days.
The 30 days consists of three different elements:

The main element:

Movement training
And two side elements:

Thinking and awareness


In these more than four weeks of learning, the student will invest around eight hours per day, six days per week, in the program. The program runs Monday to Saturday, with Sundays off. The stundent will work on the subjects either in the group, alone with Joseph or fully alone. In general, the contact during this time will be very intense and attuned to the individual student.
The maximal number of participants is six students.
The minimal amount: three.

About the individual elements:

Movement training
Read more about our extensive movement training here

During the 30 days we will go extensively into the individual topics of our movement practice. The training is attuned to the skills and level of the participant, and will, because of the January weather, mainly take place inside. After 30 days the student will be equipped with expanded skills and with material to work on in the following months.

Thinking and awareness
The element of thinking and awareness stands for exercises aimed at increasing awareness about the surrounding world and oneself, reflecting and contemplating what is perceived, as well as thinking exercises which develop concentration. Parts of this element are:

  • Silence, contemplation and mediations.
  • Thinking practice. Reflecting on things.

  • Awareness exercises, both internal and external.
  • Different states of being.

The nature element focuses on the things surrounding us. With "becoming native" in nature, and doing in and with nature.

Parts of this element are:

  • Being outside, being close to nature.
  • Working with the hands, making things.
  • Taking in nature and moving in it.
  • We ask new students to attach a short text about themselves to their registration email.
    We will have an individual preparation talk with each student over skype or telephone before the start of the month.

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