Basic Intensive January/February 2019

5 Day Basic Intensive in January/February
30th of January to 03rd of February
Start: Wednesday 10:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Prices: 600€/450€

The Basics Intensive offers an introduction to our movement training. In this intensive we offer a first encounter with the topics which make it possible to get going with our extensive movement work.

The following topics will be covered in the basics intensive:

Coordination is the main topic of the basics intensive and our movement work in general.
Coordination is the foundation of movement, since movement always requires individual parts to move together. Coordination also contains in it the large topic of time: When does what happen? What is the rhythm? When does something end? When does something start? How long does something go for? In the coordination exercises in the basics intensive we will work on moving individual body parts in connection to other parts. We will work extensively on the legs and feet, the coordination of the torso and the connection between hands and feet in standing, walking, jumping and on all fours. We'll look at how kinetic energy is transferred through the body.

Isolation stands, as an undercategory of coordination, for the ability to move individual parts of the body independently. This means being able to let go of connections and create new ones. Moshé Feldenkrais' ideas of coupling and uncoupling serves as a base: familiar patterns will be uncoupled, and through previously unexplored couplings new movement patterns will be formed. The isolation work helps us learn new movements more precisely and understand details better. Through this work we gain immense freedom of movement that is not available to the untrained. The isolation work may look unspectacular from the outside, but is one of the most important topics that we cover in our movement work.

The goal of our strength training is to create freedom in regards to make technically demanding movements possible, to help stay healthy and to build broadly useful strength. This means that we train strength to allow for complexity. Instead of falling into the "fitness trap", where people stagnate for years at some point, our strength training offers clear progressions and methods for continuous development. In the basics intensive we will teach the strength exercises for the upper body, torso and lower body that build a strong base for further development and more complex exercises. The strength training covered in the basics intensive is clearly structured and offers principles that are also useful in more advanced training.

Mobility is often used synonymously with freedom of movement, and can be used as an umbrella term covering the three previously mentioned topics. Having good mobility doesn't simply mean to be well stretched, but also to be able to use strength and coordination to bring oneself into positions and move further from them. The mobility training in the basics intensive explores different methods of gaining mobility, like Loaded Progressive Stretching (based on Ido Portals work), movement close to the floor, mobilizing the spine through circles and waves, as well as the principle of "space in the body" (based on Martin Kilvady's work).

Philosophy and theory
Besides the extensive practical work, it's also important to us that we bring awareness to the many questions that accompany our movement practise. We'll look at these focusing on the three large questions: What? How? Why?

Through the basics intensive we give the students resources to help them keep up the training and develop in the material presented. This comes in the form of training plans, videos and sound recordings. Furthermore we offer the possibility of a continued close work process with us through individualized training plans (prices, methods and expected work output can be discussed further in the intensive).

Delving deeper
The next step following the basics intensive is our "expanded basics" intensive, or one of our open intensives.

Our student Luke Sebastiani on the Basics Intensive

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