Joseph Bartz

The Intensives

Our group and private intensives create the possibility to dive deep into the topics that we teach and to develop an ongoing process.

The intensives usually last for two or more day with 6 to 10 hours of training per day. In this time we work deeply on the different topics of our practice, with themes altering depending on the group and time of the year.

We offer you to join one of our group intensives, to contact us to set a date for a private intensive in Berlin or to invite us to your facility.

The following video provides an overview on our upcoming intensives: Intensives Jan-Sep 2018

Most intensives have two different prices. The first one is the regular price, the second one is for people who have attented at least two intensives with us before.

Joseph teaches how to work on the gymnastic rings during an intensive


4 Day Advanced Open Intensive in October
04th to 07th of October
Start: Thursday 09:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Prices: 350€
For everyone that has been to us at least 3 times.
3 Day Open Intensive in November
02th to 04th of November
Start: Friday 09:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Prices: 400€/350€
2 Day Basics Intensive in December
01st to 02nd of December
Start: Saturday 09:00am
End: Sunday 05:00pm
Prices: 300€/250€

If not stated differently the Intensives take place in Berlin.